ST UK Education Consultancy — Your Educational Partner

We provide British educational opportunities and tutorials to Chinese students, together with guidance in understanding British culture so that the students can adjust to the British education system while sustaining their Chinese cultural roots. We offer the most professional one-stop expertise, tailored high quality tutorials and comprehensive advice to provide the best educational opportunities available in the UK to students.


ST 英国教育咨询 — 您的教育合作伙伴

ST英国教育咨询有限公司,是由旅居英国多年的英国名校博士(Sophia) Yan Tao 创立,经英国公司注册机构 (Companies House) 批准的在英国成立的教育咨询机构 (公司注册号:09285945)。


作为英国文化教育协会(British Council)专业培训的认证机构(Agent Reference: GAL/15789),和英国教育咨询师协会资深会员 (Accredited Member,No. 198115), 我们以促进中、英教育全方位、深层次交流为使命,专注于提供基于英国的教育服务,帮助中国学生实现来英国游学、留学和成功求学的梦想, 也为英国大中小学校、学生了解中国教育及文化提供咨询服务。


ST 英国教育,懂教育的人做的教育!ST UK Education, let those who understand education provide education.