UK independent school/university student recruitment

  • We are entirely focused on the best interests of the students
  • An entirely transparent application procedure
  • From the perspectives of academic scholars and parents, we can find the best possible schools for their children
  • Throughout the entire procedure, the ST UK Education team provides each child with personalised guidance and full support


Private tuition on modules of the UK education system

  • We provide detailed, personalised online and offline tuition to undergraduates, graduates, sixth form, GCSE and primary students who come from abroad or may already be studying in the UK
  • We coach and teach Key stages 1-4, GCSE and A Level maths to UK independent/state school students in groups or on a one-to-one basis
  • Tuition includes: research and study skills, subject knowledge, exam and revision technique, essay writing skills and much more
  • We specialise in: Mathematics, Management, Finance courses, IELTS and 
  • Oxbridge entrance exams – MAT and STEP


English and Mandarin Business Language

    • English Reading Comprehension and Academic Writing Courses (online and offline)
    • Online English Listening Comprehension and Conversation Training
    • Online English Interview Skills Training for Independent Schools and Universities
    • Mandarin Beginners Course (online and offline)
    • Mandarin Business Language (online and offline)