A Level student’s testimonials for our tuition in maths


I have been attending Dr. Charlie's maths class for a while. When teaching, Dr. Charlie always teaches with great care and passion - every time he prepares lessons in advance, finds quality teaching materials, such as proper past exam papers, and makes personalised teaching plans based on the ongoing progress of the student. During the class he makes notes on the type of questions that I have problems with so that he can make further teaching plans based on them.

In addition, after classes, Charlie will do his best to help us correct and explain the problems that I encountered. Considering my own personality, I would like to talk a bit more about Dr. Charlie’s teaching method. I am an A level student studying art and business. I am not very sensitive to mathematical thinking. Charlie is very patient with his teaching; he always sums up some tips and his experiences which have helped me a lot in solving maths problems. The result of my A level maths exams is at least two grades higher than my predicted result before I took Charlie’s tutorials. So I am very grateful to Dr. Charlie!

20 August 2019, Julie Z, A Level student in Lincoln, UK

我上Charlie博士的数学课已经有一段时间了,Charlie博士是一位非常细心的人,每次会提前备课,查找好资料,比如past paper,以及根据学生的进度制定方案;在课堂中也会对我的一些不擅长的题型做一些简单的笔记以至于方便课后的归纳总结。


2019年8月20日, Julie Z, A Level 学生, 林肯,英国

Parents’ testimonials for our educational consultancy service


We have been using ST UK Education consultant services since 2016 and Dr Tao has provided us with an excellent professional educational service.

She found my son a marvellous boarding school in Kent and he is now immersed in school life. Even after my son settled down to life at the school, ST UK Education is still continuing to provide valuable advice and guidance as well as an excellent service so that my son can adapt to this completely new environment.

Recently, Dr Tao also gave us extremely valuable advice on our son’s Alevel subject choices based on his chosen career pathways.

I would definitely recommend ST UK Education for their wide reputation and their passion for providing an excellent professional service.

March 2019, Y. Lu, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

Parents’ testimonials for our educational consultancy service


We sought Sophia’s help on our girl’s UK University application a few months ago. Since our girl changed her mind at the last minute on choosing her preferred major rather than the one we have been planning for so long, we were all in a mess. I asked Sophia a lot of questions that I could not get clearly through research. She always replied to me patiently and kindly as quickly as she could.

With Sophia’s help, everything went step by step. Sophia helped to arrange for our girl to visit university and to talk with University scholars. Our girl received a lot of information regarding the major she chose. Furthermore, Sophia provided our girl with tremendous encouragement and valuable advice about the interview, which absolutely boosted her confidence in pursuing her dream. We are so grateful.

Even though the application procedure is still in progress, we are confident that everything will work smoothly as Sophia is here to guide us. Thanks a lot Sophia, we couldn’t make it without you! Your help is highly appreciated.

January 2019, Bianca L, Hong Kong

Student’s testimonials for our tutorial service


I am a loyal customer because I can see that my grades are getting better and better all the time thanks to the tutors at ST UK Education. They guided me to find the most suitable way to study.

I started using their service when I was studying in my first year for an undergraduate degree at The University of Lincoln. Before I went to the University, I thought I was the worst and most neglected child in my entire family, but ST UK Education helped me to find a new way to get to know my true ability; my grades changed from ‘Lower second class honours’ to ‘Distinction’. In particular, Dr Tao is an intelligent and patient educational advisor and teacher who helped me to improve my writing skills, presentation skills and job finding skills. Also, she has been a kind friend to me during my time studying with ST UK Education and shares a great deal of positive energy with me. I really appreciate all of her help.

Overall, the study experience at ST UK Education has really enhanced my learning skills and my self-confidence. Moreover, their career service helped me find a satisfying job. Finally, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the tutors at ST UK Education.

March 2019, Hannah Li, postgraduate with distinction in Masters degree from University of Lincoln, UK

Parents’ testimonials for our educational consultancy service


ST UK Education regularly provides a professional service to us. In particular, Dr Tao has provided us with all-round service. She has maintained high standards of personal conduct and integrity. She helped my daughter to find the school which she really wants. We appreciate the educational service provided by Dr Tao.

April 2018, Helen He, Guangzhou

Our students Jenny and Sophia kindly provided their feedback on our tuition. - February 2018

https://v.qq.com/x/page/b0556fvpzqu.html (QQ视频 / QQ video)

February 2018, Jenny and Sophia,Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK

我行,你也行!” Oliver kindly made a brief video to share his academic experience and achievement.

https://v.qq.com/x/page/k0553j2q05v.html    (QQ视频 / QQ video)

September 2017, Oliver,Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK

(Dr Charlie has given me) thorough explanation of all (A level maths) points covered with in-depth reasoning and examples, helpful and useful responses to any question asked as well as being a friendly and approachable tutor.

January 2017, Josh, The Priory Academy LSST, Lincoln, A Level Maths (C1, C2, C3, C4, S1) tuition, UK

The tutors of ST UK Education are very nice, professional and responsible. Dr Tao is patient in helping me to understand and analyse studying contents. I have gained a much better understanding of the modules. Dr Seema gives me lots of suggestions in writing.

They don’t just give me answers directly; they guide me into thinking deeply. My progress has been very obvious now that I am using their service compared to my last year of study. I am very thankful for their guidance and support and will continue to choose their service in the future.

January 2017, Rachel, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK

ST UK education’s service has fully met my requirements. In each seminar, the tutors explain and discuss the key concepts of the subjects. They also introduce many academic sources to me so that I can find more data and examples for my assignments. As a result, I have got good grades, with all my assignments receiving marks over 60.

ST UK education’s service has fully met high standards of integrity as the tutors do not change my ideas in assignment. They just give me suggestions on the direction of improvement. In next term I will use ST UK education’s service again and recommend other students to get support from them.

January 2017, Oliver, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK


Sophia 老师引导我找到了学习的有效方法,小班教学与讨论也增加了我的自信心。我努力配合Sophia老师的指引,考前做足准备。在2015年5月的毕业考试里,我的学习成绩取得了巨大的进步,其中两门考试达到70分以上(distinction;1:1)的优异成绩。毕业考的超水平发挥帮助我成功冲刺心目中理想的研究生院校。非常感谢 Sophia 老师。

October 2015, C. Qiu, postgraduate student, Heriot-Watt University, UK

From the word of mouth of my classmates, I heard Sophia. I attended Sophia’s tutorials between December 2013 and January 2014. Before attending Sophia’s tutorials, I had no idea how to logically structure an essay or where to start. Sophia helped me with the method and approach of writing a good essay. She also gave me guidance in writing an academic essay in a British rather than a Chinese style. I deeply appreciate Sophia’s guidance throughout my essay writing process.

July 2014, C. Qiu, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK

I attended one-month tutorials given by Sophia, starting in December 2013. I learned to pay attention to the skills and details of essay writing, which will be very helpful in the future. I worked hard in the tutorials, but I learned a lot. I would like to continue to attend Sophia’s tutorials when necessary.

May 2014, J. Song, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK

我从2013年12月份开始参加了Sophia老师的补习班。通过这一个月的学习,我了解了很多以前写论文不会注意的细节。这对我以后的写作有很多帮助。 虽然很辛苦但也收获很多。以后希望有机会也继续一起学习。

J. Song, 2014年5月, 林肯大学商学院,英国